Shlomo Franklin
Don't Love Anybody - Shlomo Franklin
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A young, gifted singer/songwriter from Bethel, New York. Shlomo is constantly touring and performing his music which is heavily influenced by Neil Young and Bob Dylan. 

Mary and Brianna
Listen To You - Mary and Brianna
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These 21 year old twins perform frequently, sharing their Nashville-inspired country style.

Help on the Way - Slipknot! - Franklin's Tower - Deadgrass
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Another personal band of C Lanzbom's, they focus on touring while interpreting the music of Jerry Garcia.

Pete Seeger
Wish - Pete Seeger
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Spoken word written for Pete Seeger by C Lanzbom.

Dreamin' of You - Soulfarm
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One of studio owner C Lanzbom's personal bands. The New York Post praises Soulfarm as “versatile, utilizing improvisation and world music.” They tour extensively year-round.

C Lanzbom and Ryan Cavanaugh

Colorado - C Lanzbom and Ryan Cavanaugh
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Another one of studio owner C Lanzbom's projects, this time alongside banjo extraordinaire, Ryan Cavanaugh. 

Monique Varsames
Indigo Ocean - Monique Varsames
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A singer/songwriter and artist with a warm, distinctive vocal quality that is rooted firmly in American music.

Ty Rocker
Cat Woman - Ty Rocker
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This unique 18 year old singer/songwriter exemplifies the style of today's folk rock.

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